Yayasan Karang Lestari (Yayasan means Foundation, Karang means coral, and Lestari means protected in Bahasa Indonesia) has worked very closely since its formation with the Global Coral Reef Alliance, a world-wide non-profit organization made up of volunteers focusing on cutting edge coral reef research and management. GCRA scientists developed the Biorock method for coral reef restoration, and working with little or no money, has provided the scientific training for the Pemuteran community in how to grow back their reefs.

This has created new jobs for local youngsters from fishing families who now work in the Biorock Center, diving and maintaining their reefs, transplanting corals, and removing pests like coral eating starfish and snails that could undo their efforts. Their success is leading to the formation of new groups for community-based environmental management of the watershed, to control the threats caused to the reef by erosion, garbage, and sewage, and the development of an environmental management plan for the future.


  • Supporting community-based conservation and protection for all marine resources through education and regeneration programs
  • Ensuring continual conservation through support from local communities, business owners, government, marine scientists and conservationists
  • Restoring coral reef habitats to former natural beauty and increasing fisheries for sustainable ecotourism development
  • Shifting fishermen’s destructive harvest methods to ecologically-friendly alternatives—converting fishermen from hunters to farmers
  • Combating environmental degradation through reef rehabilitation and resource management
  • Providing environmental education for tourists and the local population
  • Diversifying livelihood opportunities

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