Low technology Mineral Accretion (Biorock TM) methods economies for coastal communities. Steel lattice bases, sub- merged in the sea and charged with a minimal electrical current generates natural limestone rock growth on the base, which increases growth rates of corals and other reef organisms. Corals on the mineral accretion structures, because of their higher growth rate and healthier metabolism, reproduce more quickly and prolifically, because of healthier metabolism. They become key to restocking the surrounding reefs.

The infrastructure for Mineral Accretion coral regeneration is so simple, that it can be replicated with very little skill or training, few materials and direct, alternate, solar or wave-generated electrical current.

As of November 2002, 38 Mineral Accretion coral nurseries spanning 222 meters were operating in the 2.4 hectare Pemuteran Village Protected area along 200 meters of coastline. Annually, these structures consume about 4 kw of electrical power.

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