—May 2002: KONAS AWARD: BEST COASTAL MANAGEMENT PROJECT in the country awarded by the National Coastal Zone Management Conference.

—Nov 2002: BEST UNDERWATER WATER ECOTOURISM PROJECT in the world awarded by SKAL International (the world’s largest tourism and travel organization)

—May 2003: UNITED NATIONS SASAKAWA ENVIROMENTAL PRIZE NOMINATION Given to I Gusti Agung Prana, Balinese conservationist and eco-tourism expert.

—May 2004: KALPATARU ADIPURA AWARD, Indonesia’s Most Prestigious Environmental Award, presented by the PRESDIENT OF INDONESIA in Jakarta to the village chief.

—Jan 2005: ASEANTA’s AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE FOR BEST CONSERVATION EFFORT Awarded by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

—April 2005: PATA’s GOLD AWARD FOR BEST ENVIRONMENTAL PROJCET 2005 Awarded by Pacific Asia Travel Association in Macau.

—Oct 2011 : Tri Hita Karana Award ( Foundation)

—Oct 2011 : Tri Hita Karana Award (Personal)

—Dec 2011 : International Social Enterprenourship

—June 2012: Suistainable Tourism Development, from Ministry of Tourism

—United Nations Development Program Special Award for Marine and Coastal Zone Management

—UNDP Equator Award for Community Based Development

—Presented at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, in June 2012.

—Aug 2013 : Best Tourism Practisioners Award of local gouverment north bali

—Aug 2013 : Labda Kriya Award, From Indonesian Science and Technology Minister

—Silpakara nugraha award form gouverment bali

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